Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Girls From Ames

I am very open minded. There are good books that I tell people about. There are ones I don't. There are great books that I cannot put down and spend every waking moment reading. Then there is this mediocre category that has no name when you are waiting for something to happen, anything, pleeeeeease! My book club met yesterday and discussed this book. We are in agreement that the hype did not match our experience. On the positive side we were able to have a discussion. Unfortunately, most of the talk was about how boring the story and the writing were. I love the idea of friendships lasting forever. I completely agree that the girls you grow up with know you in a way that noone else does. I have attended 3 highschool reunions and enjoyed them immensely. I have a handful of friends I grew up with that are deeply embedded in my heart and will be forever, regardless of how often we see each other. I get it! BUT ... this book was all over the place. Too many names. Too many dates. I connected with not a single character. None of them led terribly interesting lives. My entire club struggled to finish. Sorry girls from Ames. I am sure you are all very nice but this book just didn't cut it. How these types of books make it to the best seller list, I will never understand. Power of the media and marketing, I guess. Thanks anyway. Can't cast a movie, I would sleep through it.

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