Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Her Fearful Symmetry

BOO! Do you believe? In ghosts? As the weather changes and pumpkin is in the air, it is the ideal time to read this new novel by Audrey Niffenegger. Her first book, The Time Travelers Wife was a huge success. This author may be the only one who could lead a non believer down the path of ghosts! She creates the elusive world of Valentina and Julia Poole. Identical twins growing up in Lake Forest Illinois. The twins are inseparable and when they inherit a London apartment from their estranged Aunt Elspeth, they jump at the chance to go on an adventure. The apartment complex is adjacent to a famous cemetery and the two gentlemen that live in the apartments above take your imagination on a wild ride. Robert, previously the aunt's younger lover is a historian of the cemetery. Martin is a crossword puzzle maker, a linguist and suffers from an extreme case of OCD, agoraphobia and other phobias that make his life reclusive and lonley. The twins befriend both of them and begin to explore London. The authors descriptions of characters and place is so intense the reader cannot help but create the scenes as they are read. If you are in the mood for an otherworldly, noone really knows the truth, just the slightest bit creepy journey then you should read Her Fearful Symmetry ... and have a ghostly Halloween! Of course, if this ever comes to the big screen Keira Knightley could definitely play the twins and perhaps Meryl Streep should play Elspeth.

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