Tuesday, May 5, 2009

365 Nights

365 Nights. By Charla Muller. Okay, where to begin. She is a hoot! This is a memoir written by first time author Charla Muller. It is funny, laugh out loud, I can't believe she just said that funny. Charla gives her husband the most unique birthday gift ever, sex everyday for one year, for his 40th birthday. He is thrilled to say the least. It is definitely the gift that keeps on giving. Raising two kids, working and life can get in the way of finding the time for real intimacy. This memoir is her year, her experience, her story. There are definitely truths to to this story that can be almost anyones story. So, she says, shut off the t.v., computer and phones and after the kids are in bed, so are they! Does it take away spontaneity, thrill and chills? Will they enjoy being on demand after a long busy day, EVERYDAY?????? I cannot tell you. You must read Charla's adventure to find out! Enjoy!

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