Monday, February 9, 2009

Happy Family

Happy family  By Wendy Lee.  When Hua Wu arrives in New York City she is like most other immigrants in the big melting pot. She starts working in a restaurant in China Town. One afternoon while resting in a park and dreaming of the future she meets Jane Templeton. Upper class Jane with little Lily befriends Hua and their repor is so great that she hires Hua to be Lily's nanny. Hua continuously relives her past in her mind while adjusting to her new life. She is overworked, taken advantage of and misled in many directions. Quietly she is falling in love with Lily who is adopted and rather resembles Hua more than her mother Jane. While out with Lily people believe she is her mother. As Hua watches Janes marriage deteriorate, she dotes more and more on Lily to protect her from any unhappiness. Interesting idea for this story. Weird twist, unexpected conclusion, not particularly fond of any of the characters.

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