Sunday, January 13, 2019

I Owe You One

Fixie has always had a knack for “fixing” or at least trying to fix everyones problems, hence the nickname that has stuck since she was a small child. After the untimely death of her father, she happily runs the family shop with her mum. Her siblings help out when they can but really Fixie is a wonder and takes care of it all. After a health scare her mum takes a much needed break to visit her sister in Spain. Fixie is left with two jobs; keep the shop afloat and the family together. Not an easy task as her sister awkwardly brings her yoga practice amid the houseware displays and her brother’s extravagant taste and lifestyle nearly ruins them all. A childhood heartthrob returns and Fixie is forced to make some difficult choices pushing all common sense aside. When she meets handsome Sebastian in a coffee shop, a running joke of IOU’s is the beginning of big change in Fixie’s life. At once, her dreams of love, success and family collide when she discovers in order to find true happiness Fixie needs to fix Fixie first. This latest, adorable, perfect for Valentine’s romance from best selling author Sophie Kinsella had me at hello. An absolute pleasure to read, I adored the characters and laughed out loud the whole way through. 

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

An Anonymous Girl

Makeup artist Jessica Farris sneaks into a psychological study to make some extra money. Just answer some questions honestly and off you go with the much needed cash in hand. Nothing is ever as simple as it appears. Jess becomes enthralled, borderline hypnotized by the very sophisticated, beautiful woman named Dr. Shields who is running the study. Jess becomes extremely paranoid and although she sets out to be as honest as possible, there is information she holds back to protect herself and those she loves. The more data Dr. Shields gathers, the more Jess becomes obsessed with finding answers to the mysteries that unfold during the study. Suddenly an academic view of morality becomes very personal when Dr. Shields is using Jess to uncover her husbands supposed deceit. Full of exquisite twists and turns, it is not clear until the very end if there is anyone left to trust. If you like suspenseful thrillers, An Anonymous Girl will not disappoint. Thanks to co-authors Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen, for another unpredictable, unputdownable and truly creepy novel.

Monday, January 7, 2019

The Lost Girls of Paris

WWII has finally ended but instead of the happiness she always hoped for, Grace Healey finds herself sad and alone. After losing her husband in a horrible accident Grace could not bare to go home to Connecticut and face the pity pouring out from her friends and family. She rents a room, gets a job and decides to virtually reinvent herself in NYC. While walking through Grand Central on her way to work one day, Grace stumbles upon a suitcase left behind by a traveler. In addition to finding the owner’s name she discovers photographs of beautiful women that don’t look much older than herself. In an effort to return the items and evade facing her own personal heartbreak, Grace begins an investigation to find out who Eleanor Trigg really was and why she has carried these photographs across an ocean. As she unravels a complicated female ring of undercover agents, Grace realizes she must get to the bottom of this puzzle to find peace for Eleanor, her mysterious girls and her own future. Filled with love, friendship and incredibly brave women, favorite author Pam Jenoff creates another fabulous novel taking us back in time. Well written, exciting and absolutely unputdownable.

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Wicked Sexy Liar

London is the surfer chick of the group and Luke has always been quite the player. Number 4 of the Wild series and the last of the couples to ignite their romance, it is no less intriguing to watch this pair find out that more than just flirting can set your heart on fire. Once again Christina Lauren captures our imagination, narrating from both Luke and London’s point of view with this sexy finale to a wonderful series.

Dark Wild Night

Lola has always wanted Oliver and Oliver has incessantly fantasized about Lola, thats why their Vegas non-hookup was pretty hard to swallow. This sexy Aussie opens a comic book shop just minutes away from Lola’s studio where she writes her graphic novels and is happy being a closet geek. Even though Lola pretty much keeps to herself, unless her friends drag her down to the local pub, she cannot stop wondering if he feels the same way. As their friendship gets closer, they can no longer ignore the sparks that are flying. #3 in the Wild Series. Remember folks, these are one sitting reads, super fun and great in between the heavier stuff.

Dirty RowdyThing

From the best selling authors Christina Lauren, this is number two in the Wild Series. Harlow and Finn, another pair in the ‘went crazy in Vegas’ group, pair off for a wild romance. The California girl, confident daughter of a famous wealthy producer and the off the grid hot fisherman find out they have more in common than they realized. Figuring out friendships and futures, this duo entertains once again.

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Get Lucky

Sarah Harper has a full busy life in New York. When she loses her job and her world comes crumbling down she travels home to Texas to see her sister Mackie. Mackie is happily married with a beautiful home but what she wants more than anything is a baby and unfortunately that is not going to happen. Sarah decides the once in a lifetime gift she can give her loving sister is to become a gestational carrier. Pregnant with swollen feet and hormones raging Sarah becomes fidgety in her new role. With days moving excruciatingly slowly, it is certainly not the ideal time to become reacquainted with her old high school flame Everett. Sarah is genuinely happy to help her sister but at the same time she must figure out her own complicated future. Delightful characters fill this small town story. Katherine Center’s easy writing style brings humor and tenderness to this heartfelt story. 

Beautiful Player

A new character takes center stage in the Beautiful series. We always new Will worked with heart throb Max but haven’t learned too much about him. Will is one of the group and making his way through New York one night stand at a time. He is good looking, smart and has no intention of settling down like his friends have recently done. While his buddies continue to poke him about his male prowess, an old college friend asks him for a favor. Jensen’s brilliant youngest sister is doing her PhD at Columbia and needs a little prompting to get out of the lab and into the social scene. Will remembers her as a sweet quiet 12 year old. Well, needless to say the 24 year old beauty that enters his life is no chemistry major wall flower. An MIT grad, funny and sweet and sexy, inexperienced Hanna has never had a serious relationship. She wants Will to give her dating lessons. Let’s just say she is an excellent student.

Beautiful Bombshell

Bennett and Chloe have finally gotten engaged and this mini read is the guys big Vegas weekend. Filled with fun, and all things naughty, the players escape to celebrate and the girls manage to surprise them anyway. What happens in Vegas …

Beautiful Bitch

Chloe and Bennett have successfully established their New York office and are working night and day. Since the romantic duo never seem to take a break, Bennett borrows Max’s French villa to surprise Chloe with a magical romantic vacation. This one is more like a mini book. Less than half the size of a standard but just as much fun.

Beautiful Stranger

#2 in Beautiful series by Christina Lauren. Max is an old college mate of Bennett’s. He is British, handsome and known as quite the player in NYC. When Chloe and Bennett open up the firm’s New York office they bring along Sara, a friend of Chloe’s and member of their finance team. This bright, gorgeous girl has just escaped a nightmare long term relationship with a politician that was as crooked as they come, especially with the ladies. Sara and Max inadvertently meet and although Sara is very skeptical about finding a guy who can give her what she needs, bad boy Max is starting to surprise them all. Another sexy romp by authors Christina Lauren. These quick quick easy reads are like a little dessert without the calories.

Beautiful Bastard

Hard working, beautiful, and driven, intern Chloe Mills sees only one obstacle in her future, her boss. When Bennett Ryan joins the family firm in Chicago, Chloe is thrown for a loop. She knows she does her job better than anyone else in the department and is on track for her MBA until this difficult, obstinate man is placed as her new boss. Bennett and Chloe are immediately at each others throats, arguing constantly with an underlying sexual tension that neither of them can ignore. Chloe knows hooking up with your boss breaks all the rules. Bennett is accustomed to women falling at his feet. What will it take for these two to learn to get along? Enjoyed this push and pull and push some more romance novel by my fave authors Christina Lauren. This is the first in the Beautiful series. It’s a fun, quick, hot read and if you like it, you are in luck because there are 9 more to follow.

London Falling

Maggie Carpenter returns to London after a long quiet summer missing Samir. Having ended in a night of bliss, Maggie can only hope that Samir feels the same way. When the gang of friends is together again Maggie immediately feels the intense pull towards her beautiful crush. Samir knows the truth, it is his senior year. His family expects him to graduate, marry the “right” person that has already been chosen and begin his political career with his father in the middle east. The two try hard to remain friends but it is impossible to ignore their hearts. The countdown is on. Wonderful sequel to I See London. Another delicious romance novel by author Chanel Cleeton. She has an easy enjoyable way of writing. You know it’s a good read when you don’t want the story to end.

Wife 22

Alice is a middle-aged woman hitting that all too typical hum drum wall. Kids almost grown and flown, husband works a lot, seems distracted, haven’t had sex in awhile. Icing on the cake Alice is almost the age that her mother was when she passed away, which has been the sore spot in her heart through all these years. When Alice receives an email inviting her to join a research project and get paid to answer questions, she is all in. Alice becomes Wife 22 and Wife 22 takes on a life of her own. She answers thoughtfully and sometimes provocatively. Alice begins an online friendship with her researcher. They seem to really click and she feels she can be more honest about her life and herself than she has been for years. By analyzing her past Alice begins to get a clear picture of what she wants for her future. I thoroughly enjoyed this laugh out loud portrait of a spirited middle aged woman who is not afraid to face the truth and wants to live her life to the fullest. Debut novel, dragged a tiny bit at the end - (but I MUST comment, it did not stop me from reading this author’s next novel called Valley of the Moon, which I devoured and gave 5 stars) Definitely recommend Wife 22 for a fun easy read.

Friday, December 28, 2018

Bookshop of Yesterdays

Miranda unexpectedly inherits her Uncle Billy’s infamous Los Angeles book shop. Having escaped to the east coast to venture out on her own, Miranda must temporarily leave her boyfriend and fly back to California to face the untimely death of her estranged uncle and the childhood memories of precious time spent with him at his shop. As days turn into weeks and then the entire summer, Miranda immerses herself into saving the unstable store that can barely manage its week to week obligations. An unlikely relationship begins with the current manager who is both hiding his attraction to Miranda and her uncles’s secrets that she is desperately trying to uncover. Whats not to love about books, literary references and owning an adorable dream worthy bookshop? Excellent characters and storyline, even the long winded ending (common with a debut novel) would not stop me from recommending this love letter to all things books.


Holland Bakker travels the same path every day to work at the theater with her uncle. She is drawn over and over again to the beautiful music played by a street musician on her way to the subway. To make matters worse, he is gorgeous and when she finally speaks to him, his lilting Irish accent knocks her off her feet. This silent crush becomes a small obsession and Holland is dying to find out more about this curious heart throb. When her uncle needs a new musician for the show Holland discovers a way to help Calvin, both with his career and apparently his green card. I loved this absolutely adorable rom-com filled with the bright lights of Broadway and young love. Happy, easy, fun read. Another winner by my favorite, Christina Lauren.

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Tell Me Lies

Lucy is just starting college in a small town in California. Tolerating a horrible relationship with her mother, Lucy left her Long Island NY home and traveled as far as she could to start her new life. As a freshman Lucy quickly makes some friends and then next step, search for the cute guys. Lucy meets Stephen DeMarco. One of those popular guys that derives his greatness from his self absorbed confidence. He is not that cute, or that smart, but from the beginning he makes Lucy feel like she should be honored to have his attention at all. In addition to his deceptive persona, Stephen is a master of manipulation. Half his pleasure is derived from knowing Lucy is waiting for him, always. This exhausting cat and mouse chase is not thrilling as the marketing blurbs tell us. I found it pathetic. I bet, sadly, there are plenty of Lucy and Stephen couples in the world but there is nothing sexy about a psychopath.

The Lost Husband

Libby Moran lives with her self-centered mother and two young children. It is not easy. Her mother loves them but complains incessantly, manipulates everyone and concerns herself with shades of lipstick over life lessons. Libby receives an unexpected letter from her aunt. Jean is her mother’s sister, and although Libby has never met her, Jean has offered Libby an escape she cannot refuse. Even though she is a bundle of nerves to begin this new journey, Jean has invited Libby and her children to come live and work on her farm. It is the perfect opportunity to give Libby a fresh start. Since her husbands unexpected accident life has been a series of disappointments and Libby imagines a simpler country life with family and pies cooling in the kitchen. It’s a chance to learn new things and solve the family secrets that her mother has kept hidden all these years. Fabulous story of family, motherhood and finding happiness in the most unlikely places. Currently being filmed and will star Leslie Bibb and Josh Duhamel. Pick up a copy of this sweet novel before it comes out!

I See London

Maggie is starting college in London. Raised by her grandparents in small town South Carolina, Maggie hasn’t seen much of the world. She did not get into Harvard, her father hasn’t called in months and her mother has been MIA since she was a young girl. Maggie is ready for her dreams to unfold, meet new people, experiences, maybe even love. She quickly becomes friends with Samir. He is worldly, wealthy and speaks many languages. They have virtually nothing in common. And yet they are drawn to each other over and over again. Samir is the first person she can be completely honest with. He becomes her first of many firsts. After realizing author Chanel Cleeton (Next Year in Havana) had another life as a romance writer, I had to check it out. This quick, easy, adorable read reminded me of traveling, college and first loves. Always a nice break from the heavies, this was an absolute pleasure and I look forward to checking out the rest of her series.

All We Ever Wanted

Nina is living the elite life in Nashville. With her only son about to go off to Princeton, she has dove into the world of philanthropy, tennis and lunches at the club. The sale of her husband’s company has shot them into the fast lane and Nina is trying her best to keep up with the crowd. Spending her evening in a ball gown at another boring event, Nina is confronted in the ladies room by her jealous nemesis and shown a photo that will change her life forever. Her son Finch, although spoiled through and through, has always been an excellent student and polite young man. Until now. Something has happened with a girl from school named Lyla and Finch is in trouble. Nina, who was preparing for the empty nest and patting herself on the back for a job well done is confronted with the horror that she may not know her son at all. As she tries to get to the bottom of this twisted situation, Nina becomes friendly with Tom, Lylas’s single father, and with every passing day she realizes her life is built on lies and manipulations. Nina desperately wants to discover the truth about her son and herself. Highly recommend this well written, fast paced family drama. Frankly it was better and more original than I expected and another - - get your head out of the sand - lesson for parents. Well done Emily Giffin.

Saturday, December 22, 2018


Anne Frank is 16. She has survived the concentration camps and returned to Amsterdam, where she reunites with her father Pim and learns they are the only two from the annex that have survived. This imagined alternate world where Anne Frank lives to go back home and retrieve the infamous diary has left my head spinning. The what if’s do not seem wasteful, they are thought provoking alternatives analyzing the depth of anger, forgiveness, and guilt that survivors struggle with for their entire lives. Forgiveness may seem impossible but is also necessary to be free. As a child I read The Diary of Anne Frank over and over again. As an adult I continue reading these reimagined novels focusing what could have been, what may have happened. It may not always be pleasant to revisit such a painful story but it is sometimes necessary. In some way we are still feeding this desire to understand how this atrocity happened and never forget those we lost. Excellent author, well researched and a truly touching story.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

The Life She Was Given

In 1931 Lilly Blackwood is marched by her mother over to the circus grounds late one night. She is sold to Merrick who runs the freak sideshows. She is ten years old and this is the first time she has ever left the attic where she is locked because she is different. In her bitter mother’s eye’s her existence is a punishment from God. She performs in many sideshows but her real talent lies in her unique communication and way with animals, especially the elephants. Twenty years later, 19 year old Julia is found waiting tables in a small greasy diner. After running away from home a few years prior, she has been tracked down by a detective. Her mother has passed away and Blackwood Farms now belongs to her. Even though her fears and memories of her family home is anything but pleasant, Julia returns to the manor where she discovers her deep love of the horses raised there and the hidden attic secrets that will change her life forever. I read this novel for book club and look forward to the upcoming discussion. Although the storyline is unique, I found the writing repetitive and dragging. Not much interest in the extensive circus description.

Monday, December 17, 2018

Things You Save in a Fire

Cassie is the only female firefighter in her Austin firehouse. And she is a super star. Cassie is fearless, smart and a natural born leader. As she is climbing the ranks for promotion, her very distant mother calls with a dire emergency. She is having health issues and needs Cassie to abandon everything she has worked for and come help her in Massachusetts. It is the last thing in the world Cassie wants to do and the only thing she can do. She finds a job with a small, old fashioned fire station. They never had a “lady” fire fighter. Cassie does everything in her power to show them all how hard she can work. But the one thing she would never ever allow may be her downfall. The rookie she is training, the same one who may steal her position away is melting her heart. No matter how hard she tries to avoid him; where there’s a spark, there’s a flame. Loved this absolutely adorable, delicious, unputdownable story about family, friendship, love and most interestingly - firefighting. Author Katherine Center is a wonderful writer. As I near the ending of her books I find myself slowing down, not wanting to turn that last page because then it will sadly be over. Thanks for the early read Netgalley! This one is a winner.

Nine Perfect Strangers

Nine people gather at an exclusive health resort for a ten day retreat of wellness. This diverse little group includes an ex-rugby star, a once popular author on the verge of obscurity, an insecure divorcee, mom dad and teenager threesome hiding a terrible tragedy and a young wealthy couple too young and beautiful to possibly have any problems. This quirky group converge in paradise for extreme measures of clean eating, exercise, meditation and therapy. The catch is the bizarre founder of the resort who leads her guests through some very unconventional methods that morph into real danger. A little bit funny but lacking any real direction, this latest novel by one of my favorite authors was not what I expected. Too many annoying characters and a weak storyline covered up with insane behavior to try and catch the reader’s attention. Unfortunately, it just all seemed silly and messy. Maybe we expect too much from author’s coming off of a huge hit. Maybe they are rushed to get the next one out. I don’t know but this one just didn’t work for me.